Happy Liberation Day, Bulgaria!

On this day in 1878, Bulgaria was announced a free state by the marking of the Treaty of San Stefano. The present Doodle celebrates Bulgarian Liberation Day on the anniversary of the country’s establishment as an independent republic.

In recognition of the sacrifices made by Bulgarian freedom fighters, National Day’s festivals are both joyous and solemn with government-supported official occasions, addresses from nearby dignitaries, and military parades in the capital of Sofia.

Celebrations go on at a renowned landmark in the hilly Shipka Pass known as the Liberty Memorial, where residents assemble to offer their appreciation to the individuals who fought for the country’s opportunity by laying wreaths of blossoms.

The Doodle artwork includes the white, green, and red Bulgarian flag. Representing peace, agricultural wealth, and courage, this flag should be visible raised across the Eastern European country today to honor years of battle that finished in the foundation of an independent nation.

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