The present Doodle observes Chile’s National Day, referred to locally as El Dieciocho, which means “The Eighteenth.”

On this day in 1810, Chile celebrated the First National Government Board Assembly, which began the cycle of autonomy from Spanish colonial rule and started an eight-year battle for sovereignty.

Outlined in the Doodle artwork is the bell-shaped, six-petalled blossom of the copihue, Chile’s national bloom.

This evergreen climbing vine thrives in a damp and cool condition, so the species is comfortable in the dim cloud woods of Chile’s focal and south-focal districts.

Following first experience with different nations around the globe, the plant uncovered a captivating quality: its plant twines clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, inverse to the counterclockwise twine displayed in its local Southern Hemisphere.

Despite the fact that it has gone far throughout the long term, the copihue stays a faithful image of Chilean personality.

iFeliz Dieciocho, Chile!!!

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