Happy Hangul Day!

The present Doodle, outlined by South Korea-based artist Jisu Choi, honors Korea’s Hangul Day (한글날).

One of the world’s just official holidays committed to a writing system, Hangul Day celebrates the innovation of Korea’s alphabet known as Hangul.

Hangul Day is praised on October 9th in South Korea, and on January 15th north of the DMZ.

History of Hangul

The Hangul alphabet was first uncovered in 1446 by the Choson line’s King Sejong. Over 500 years after the fact, it is as yet viewed as a noteworthy accomplishment, even by present day linguistic standards.

The 24-letter alphabet remains the main composing framework on the planet that isolates sentences into words, syllables, singular sounds, and components of articulation like exhalation or voicing.

Regardless of its refined portrayal of complex communicated in language, the writing system is noted for its style and simplicity; in fact, it’s said that a devoted beginner could learn Hangul in only a few of hours.

How to Celebrate Hangul Day

Why not remember Hangul Day by visiting the museum of King Sejong. The museum is anything but difficult to track down; it is found legitimately underneath the enormous golden statue of King Sejong in Gwanghwamun Square, before Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul. The passageway to the museum is at the back of the statue.

Inside the museum, there are a few displays clarifying the formation of Hangul alongside the other technological advances of King Sejong’s rule.

The time of King Sejong’s standard is regularly observed as a golden time of Korean history, where illumination and information, instead of war and intrusion, were the characterizing occasions of the time. It is nothing unexpected that an image of King Sejong shows up on the 10,000 won bill.

Another approach to observe Hangul Day in Korea is to learn Hangul.

As referenced as of now, the Korean alphabet in order just takes two hours to learn, and permits you to peruse Korean signs just as improve your pronunciation and capacity to learn new words.

What better approach to celebrate the day than learn the language.

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