Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!

The present Doodle celebrates Nigeria’s Independence Day, which is watching its 60th anniversary this year. On this day in 1960, Africa’s most populous country proclaimed its independence from British colonial rule.

The groundbreaking event meant the sway and solidarity of Nigeria’s 36 states and was set apart with firecrackers, dancing, and a state banquet. Throughout the long term, Independence Day has been an open door for Nigerians to feature their rich and shifted culture, from suya (spicy meat skewer) and jollof rice (one-pot tomato rice) to juju music and afrobeats.

The artwork in the present Doodle is a gesture to Nigeria’s coat of arms—explicitly the eagle which speaks to quality.

The essential shades of the Doodle are equivalent to Nigeria’s national hues: green signifying the nation’s agricultural wealth and white a marker for unity and peace.

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