Happy Birthday Kim Sowol!!

Google today celebrates the 118th birthday celebration of Kim Sowol with a lovely doodle. Kim Sowol was a Korean language poet popular for his commitments to early present day poetry.

Kim Sowol was born Kim Jeong-sik on September 7, 1902 in present-day North Korea’s North Pyongan Province. Soon after he was born into the world his dad got crazy.

This reality more likely than not influenced the writer’s early life and eventually led to his own unexpected passing. His granddad showed him old style Chinese and entered him in the renowned Osan Middle School (likewise the alma mater of Baek Seok and Kim Eok) at fifteen years old.

In 1920, Kim Sowol distributed his first poems in an literary magazine, after which he expected the pen-name Sowol, which converts into “White Moon.” While still a secondary school student in 1922, Sowol distributed his popular work “The Azaleas.”

This melancholic poem of love and loss motivated the beautiful burst of Azalea blossoms that encompasses his representation in the present Doodle artwork.

Kim Sowol proceeded to create more than 150 artistic works and in 1925 distributed his sole assortment of sonnets, additionally named “The Azaleas.” Sowol’s lifetime of heartfelt compositions established his heritage as one of Korea’s most loved writers, and right up ’til today numerous Koreans can present his poems by heart.

The yearly Sowol Poetry Prize, built up in 1987 in Kim Sowol’s honor, is viewed as one of the most esteemed honors in Korean verse.

Kim Sowol composed a large portion of the poems contained in The Azaleas (1925), the main assortment of poetry distributed in the course of his life, while he was as yet an teenager.

In the wake of moving on from Paejae High School, he educated for some time in his old neighborhood and afterward went to Japan to learn at a school of commerce. While there, he distributed a few poems in Kaebyok and other literary journals.

Poems by him kept on showing up after his return in such diaries as Yongdae until his unexpected death.

Kim Sowol died on December 24, 1934 at 32 years old. Google today commits an mesmerizing doodle to him on his 118th birthday celebration.

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