The present Doodle celebrates the 171st Birthday of Dr. Ogino Ginko, the main lady to become authorized to practice Western medicine in Japan.

As the first female to go to Kojuin, a private clinical school for men, she opened the door for ladies to go to prestigious clinical schools in Japan.

Her choice to go into the medical field was spurred by the prejudice she encountered as a female patient. She never surrendered in spite of the obstacles she faced. In the wake of moving on from clinical school in 1882, the public authority at first would not let her take the clinical licensing exam.

Dr. Ginko petitioned multiple times throughout the span of two years before ladies were at long last permitted to step through the examination. Subsequent to getting licensed, she opened an OB/GYN center in Tokyo that worked in giving safe, non-judgmental care for ladies.

Outside of medicine,she additionally pushed for ladies in Japan to acquire the option to vote. The present Doodle artwork celebrates Dr. Ginko’s legacy and her commitment to gender equality in Japan.

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