The global technology giant pays tribute to the entertainer, actor, maker, and philanthropist Rodolfo ‘Dolphy’ Quizon with a delineation

Today is the birthday of the nation’s “King of Comedy,” whose appeal and funniness warmed hearts and made him a commonly recognized name among a huge number of Filipinos, thus Google places him in its logo.

Born July 25, 1928 in Manila, Dolphy was destined to be a star. His enthusiasm for the performing arts started in youth when he was selling peanuts and watermelon seeds at cinemas.

Ready to watch movies for nothing, the youthful Dolphy invested a lot of his free energy staring off into space about being an entertainer. He handled his first little film job at age 19.

This was trailed by long stretches of difficult work in film and radio before he made his large TV debut during the 1960s arrangement “Buhay Artista(Actor’s Life).”

Dolphy solidified his inheritance in the business with one of his most famous roles in the family sitcom John en Marsha. The arrangement, which went through the ’70s and ’80s, was famous to such an extent that out of it the entertainer proceeded to create nine side project films through his own creation company, RVQ Productions.

The next decade, he demonstrated that parody never became unfashionable as he featured as single parent Kevin Kosme in the exemplary arrangement Home Along da Riles.

With a profession crossing more than six decades and in excess of 200 motion pictures and different long-running network shows added to his repertoire, Dolphy got one of the mainstays of the Philippine media outlet.

He likewise established the Dolphy Aid para sa Pinoy Foundation, which gave grants to offspring of abroad Filipino specialists.

“Google Philippines is proud to showcase one of our country’s iconic entertainment personalities to the world,” said Mervin Wenke, head of correspondences and open undertakings at Google Philippines.

“Through this Google Doodle, we recognize and pay tribute to Dolphy’s remarkable talent and passion, which have made a significant impact in the local entertainment industry, bringing laughter to generations of Filipinos. We hope that today, everyone is reminded of Dolphy’s legacy and how he taught everyone to find joy in everyday life.”

His gift of comedy and chuckling lives on among his relatives and across ages, and keeps on rousing numerous comics in the business.

Join the tech company in respecting the King of Comedy on his birthday by imparting a genuine message to the hashtag GoogleDoodleForDolphy.

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