Before the end of last year, Google declared its arrangements to gain Fitbit for a detailed $2.1 billion. The deal is as yet pending endorsement and we haven’t heard anything about it in some time.

We despite everything don’t have the foggiest idea what the two companies intend to do, however it’s looking like Fitbit might be chipping away at bringing Google Assistant help to its gadgets.

Right now, Fitbit bolsters Amazon Alexa on the Versa 2 fitness watch. The gadget doesn’t have a speaker for answers to be perused out loud and there’s no hotword discovery.

The combination is simple when contrasted with undeniable smartwatches, however it’s superior to nothing. Fitbit apparently moved toward Google about carrying Assistant to the Versa 2, yet the organization was not overly ready to get it going. Strings found in an ongoing update to the Fitbit Android application appear to show things have changed.

The people at 9to5Google found a couple of notices of “Assistant” in the APK. These strings could without much of a stretch be concerning Amazon Alexa, yet a couple XML records unmistakably name “google_assistant.”

The strings and XML documents list essential things like enacting Assistant, mistake messages, on-boarding, and so on. The basis surely is by all accounts set up for help.

Further delving into the Fitbit application, there is notice of just utilizing each associate in turn and having the option to switch suppliers at whatever point you need.

Clients will probably get a decision at fire up between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, however they’ll have the option to turn spontaneously. That is an extraordinary choice for clients who might be put resources into either biological system.

As referenced, Alexa support is at present accessible on the Fitbit Versa 2, which makes it a conceivable possibility for Google Assistant help.

It’s additionally completely conceivable that Fitbit will spare it for another item dispatch. This is unquestionably an energizing advancement for any Fitbit fans in the Google environment.

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