Google Doodle shows a flamingo bird riding a hot air balloon and the doodle is set in orange, yellow and somewhat blue tone to speak to the splendid shining summer.

Summer Season Google Doodle: Google on Saturday noticed the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere with a masterful doodle representation.

The outline shows a flamingo fledgling riding a shot air balloon and the doodle is set in orange, yellow and pale blue tone to speak to the brilliant gleaming summer

The Summer of 2020 would start in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21 and will go on till September 22. Summer season generally contains June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere, though December, January, and February in the southern hemisphere, in the event that we pass by the meteorological studies.

June 21 will be the day of the late spring solstice which is supposed to be the longest day of the year. The days become longer and evenings become shorter around the late summer solstice.

Individuals living in the north of the equator will appreciate the most measure of light in a solitary day.

Further away from the equator, the more daylight will be gotten. The artic pole will get daylight for complete 24 hours this day.

According to reports, the sun will sparkle for a more extended span in the northern side of the equator on Saturday while it will be the briefest day in the southern hemisphere.

The date of the start of summer fluctuates as per atmosphere, custom, and culture. At the point when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and the other way around.

Individuals in the northern side of the equator for the most part think about this season as a type of get-away and for visiting since the climate conditions are very great and charming as against the hemisphere climate of the winter season.

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