At the point when Instagram launched 10 years back today, the application world was more… skeuomorphic. To praise those pre-flat design days, the informal community has presented an Easter egg that lets you return to the “Polaroid” symbols of yore. That incorporates the first October 6, 2010 Land Camera 1000-like logo and even the pre-discharge “Codename” symbol.

You can likewise choose one of the later exemplary symbols, including the “Classic 2” symbol utilized until May 2016 (recollect how long it required to become accustomed to the upgraded one?).

Instagram has additionally included varieties of the current logo, including sunrise, monochrome and a Pride rainbow shading version.

To get the symbols, you go to the settings and swipe down to uncover some party-related emoticon, as shown here. Once at the top, you’ll open the symbols and a message from Instagram about its tenth birthday celebration.

The component is a little aspect of a greater update presented today that incorporates anti-bullying highlights and the arrival of the photograph map.

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