Today (and regular!), Google doodle respect educators the country over, who keep on working eagerly to shape our people in the future, even amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The present Doodle was made by Doodler Kevin Laughlin who teamed up with the 54 2020 State Teachers of the Year during their visit to Google this past February.

Below, Kevin shares more on his experience working with the teachers on the present Doodle.

Kevin know from firsthand experience the amount of a constructive effect an instructor can have on a youngster’s life.

Kevin can’t communicate that I am so glad to have had the chance to be a piece of the Teacher Appreciation venture this year.

At the point when I met these educators nearby in February, I was so inspired by their adoration for instructing and devotion to their students, which I felt every moment I went through with them.

As they introduced their own Doodle plans, they shared tales about their study halls, supported for their students, and talked energetically about instructive value.

I am happy to see their work spoke to in the last Doodle on Google’s homepage today praising these regularly unrecognized yet truly great individuals. To each instructor, thank you times infinity!

Happy US Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

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