Getting on the path to success requires a great deal of blood & sweat, but the fruits are everlasting once you reach your goal.

It is sometimes essential to know things from people who already have reached a certain stratum in life from where they can provide useful tips to others to help them achieve their goals. Maziar Rajabi, a Kurdish Iranian businessman, is one such graceful & intelligent man who is all for the budding entrepreneurs to spread some positivity among them & make them believe in themselves. Rajabi, who started soon after finishing his education, jumped into various fields & filled his mind with all kinds of knowledge he could gather over the years. From being a sales manager in marketing to doing work in the IT field to gaining the post of a senior partner for foreign companies in Iraq at the International Business Advisory. The journey was never easy for Rajabi, just like many other entrepreneurs, but what kept him going was his curiosity & the urge to explore newer & different things in life.

Today, this man is partnering one of the most influential oil service companies in Iraq named “Verse Oil Service.” Rajabi worked day & night & established a website of the company to make it reach millions of others all around the world & with his efforts have today gained the number 1 position in Google search results as bitumen in Iraq. Hence, it would get interesting to know a few helpful tips, especially for the younger lot thinking of becoming entrepreneurs for building a successful business.

  • Do not shy away from taking risks: If you do not take risks, you would never know how far you can go for your business. It seems comfortable when starting a business, but it gets tough when it comes to taking risks. Rajabi urges people to become courageous enough to take those required risks in their business so that even if they fail, they can learn a lot many things for the future & improve upon their mistakes.
  • Discover your niche: Understanding the business opportunities, finding your niche & sticking to them is extremely important, according to Rajabi. He believes that businesses become a success when entrepreneurs establish their niche faster as this enables them to make their marketing strategies to target directly to the particular audience they wish to cater. Just running around with unfocussed plans & strategies would restrict the chances of getting successful.
  • Take full advantage of social media marketing tools: Nowadays it is all about being in touch with your audiences in one way or the other, exclaims Rajabi. He says that it these online mediums that help entrepreneurs strike a chord with their target audience. Hence, one must create more content, be more active in posting that content & reach more & more people every day to make the company become a household name. Entrepreneurs should make use of various social media marketing tools to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

There is one more interesting tip that Rajabi shares; he believes that a great entrepreneur is also the one who is a good storyteller. By sharing your story to the audiences of what made you start your business or how the journey has been till now, people can relate to your journey & start trusting you as an individual. Rajabi did the same in the early days of his career & is still doing that to connect more to his customers by sharing his business story & struggles. This makes the business look more authentic as people start trusting you & increase your chances of being successful.

Just like Rajabi, who started from a small town & reached the world by being an influential & leading businessman & marketing expert that others must not miss taking inspiration from.

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