As many as 23 people were arrested who belonged to different criminal groups involved in organized crime and Drugs.

The recent news of the Belgium Police cracking down the case of organized crime and Drugs across Europe has become one of the sensational news currently sending shock waves not only in the country but also across Europe. A major joint operation led by the Belgium Police in alliance with the Dutch and the French Police has led to the arrests of 23 people belonging to diverse groups and gangs who were involved and were on the red list for organized crime, Murder, and Drugs. 

The Belgium Police have broken the ice by been able to decrypt Xrypt encrypted phones which carried vital information, contacts, details, messages, and chat regarding umpteen numbers of their gang members. All of these gangs and groups were known for and highly involved in illegal activities and dealings of illicit drugs, murders, and weapons. The Belgium Police followed the gang using IMEI number & cellphone tower tracking. Important information post investigation confirmed that Xrypt’s devices falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users and this led the Belgium police to catch the gang. These users paid high subscription prices for the encrypted devices that doesn’t work which worked in favor of the police in locating and arresting them. After decrypting notes on the Xrypt encrypted phones, the Police were able to get hold of the names and details of all distributors and clients. With the failure of the message lifetime feature on the Xrypt devices, the gang’s communications and text messages were found in unencrypted form in the servers and Belgium Police didn’t waste any time in conducting rapid raids throughout the city outing criminals behind the bars. This unencrypted and unsecured server used by Xrypt allowed the police to look through texts messages and other key information of suspects as they communicated with customized devices to plot drug deals and murders. The crypto communication of crime groups who smuggled large quantities of cocaine, heroin and organized crime was exposed.

This particular operation was similar in many ways to the operation that shut down Sky ECC network back in 2021. The Investigations and arrests have sent chills through the spines of many criminal networks and personnel. Police have released a statement saying that many more arrests are expected in coming time and further information will be shared.

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