Honor’s two AI-focused smartphones, the 200 and 200 Pro, which were recently released in China a few days ago, garnered media attention this week. However, the business revealed more goods at the launch ceremony for the Honor 200 series.

The Honor 200 and Honor 200 Pro phones have been introduced in China together with two sets of earbuds, the Earbuds X7 and Earbuds A. Both of these earbud sets appear to have quite good features, at least on paper, despite their extreme affordability.

First off, the HiFi 5 DSP (digital signal processor) in the Earbuds X7 and Earbuds A packs 10mm dynamic drivers and enhances processing power for superior audio quality with the use of AI acceleration. Additionally, both have an IP54 rating for dust and water protection.

Up to 9 hours of listening and an extra 31 hours of battery life with the charging cases are promised by Honor’s new earbuds. Actually, aside from the color choices, the size of the charging case appears to be the only difference between the Earbuds X7 and Earbuds A.

The Earbuds A cost $25 and are available in blue and white, while the Earbuds X7 are only $40 when purchased in green and white. Starting on May 31, both sets of earbuds should be sold in China.

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