There’s no doubt that the actors you see in your favorite movies play a big role in moving you to tears or getting your heart racing. But, ultimately, it’s the people behind the camera that really make all the magic happen. 

For Bruna Rubio, even though her journey in the entertainment industry started through acting, she was always destined for production. Well, there’s no surprise there since the passion for production ran in her blood, and that’s how GoldHeart Productions came about. 

Dabbling in Production

Bruna’s father was a producer in Spain, where she grew up watching him as well as learning the ways of the industry. In the beginning, Bruna’s career revolved only around acting as she secured jobs from brands like Nestle, Pepsi, etc., and continued acting in various Spanish movies and TV shows. 

However, even from an early age, Bruna had started showing interest in the art as she would often be involved in the production of the Spanish shows she acted in. This continued even when she moved to the U.S. to pursue her acting career there. Working as an actress as well as dabbling in production gave her the necessary experience and knowledge to become a great producer and start her own production company.

Starting GoldHeart Productions

What really pushed Bruna to go all-in with her passion for production was her father’s death. Losing her father just a couple of years after her mother left Bruna devastated. But it also gave her the courage and motivation to fully immerse herself in production and honor her father’s memory as well. 

Eventually, Bruna realized that she didn’t just enjoy producing, but she was rather good at it. As a result, she started her own production company, GoldHeart Productions, in 2013. 

Since then, she has produced many films and TV shows in English as well as Spanish. Some of her films have even been nominated in film festivals. Her works include BrutumFulmen, Vampiras, Project: Phoenix, RodandoRodando, and more. 

At the moment, it seems GoldHeart Productions is moving forward at full steam. The company is in the post-production process of a new featured film Nevaeh. Moreover, the company has signed a deal with Netflix for a Spanish TV series, Plano a Plano, along with another Spanish production company.

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