Travel with anyone outside of immediate family or business partners is incredibly difficult.  Paying for the trip, arranging hotels and the like is enough of a logistical nightmare to make most people want to stay home and forget about travel altogether.

Andrew Thompson, using his professional name Fashion, is a travel enthusiast.  He is also a successful entrepreneur and professional code and program writer, having started many businesses and raised millions in the process.  His last business venture, Evolve, enlisted the support of Sommer Ray, the famous Instagram influencer.  His fortune in the business world allowed him to afford to enjoy his travel excursions with others, who simply tagged along for the ride as it were.

Jump forward a few years, and Fashion is between work.  He still has the travel bug, and a strong desire to see what the Orient has to offer.  His friends feel the same way, but there is a fundamental problem stopping them all – affording it.

Fashion is in the process of designing a travel app that will revise and revamp the travel industry as we know it today.  The app’s name, Gypsee.  The app’s purpose, a curated list of highly desirable travel locations in the continental U.S. using a subscription-based payment system. For Andrew Fashion, visit

Gypsee will work like this: a subscriber makes a selection for an adventure location.  Friends are invited and responsible for their own payments.  Each person makes their individual payments before the departure date.  Once paid in full, the subscriber arrives at the nearest major airport to their current location.  Gypsee has the flights and hotels covered for the subscriber and all at one low price with simple to make payments.

Most importantly, and the real genius behind the app, is each subscriber will arrive on location at virtually the same time as the others.  It will not matter if one friend is in Arizona, another in Ohio, another in Tennessee and one in Delaware.  If the subscribers elect to go to Miami for a few days, the app will book the flights and hotel for each, time the flights into Miami as closely as possible and have the hotel booked.

Plans are to launch the iOS version in early March with Android to follow in the early summer.  Additional continental U.S., high travel destination locations will be added with a plan of international adventures in 2021.  Subscribers will also be able to participate in ‘quests’ individual or group, that will expose the subscriber to as much of the location as possible as well as be introduced to other Gypsee subscribers.  A scoreboard of running point totals will be a part of the app experience, so subscribers can challenge others, earn points and build a substantial profile persona on the app.

Fashion and the Gypsee Sextet of Acolytes will be actively seeking a select group of ambassadors to serve as the 50 Elite, the first subscribers of the Gypsee experience.  These lucky few will have not only the finest in the travel experience but also the best of the best Gypsee will have to offer.

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