Patrick Corsino is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor known for starting multiple successful online business as well as being an early investor in Bitcoin. His journey started in college when he realized the flaws in the education system and took his life into his own hands. Patrick worked as a waiter for some time in order to fund his first business, and the rest is history. Fast forward, Patrick has started multiple businesses and built an investment portfolio that few his age can rival.

What do you think makes a successful personal brand?

This boils down to 2 things, the first is actually caring about the people who chose to follow and support you. A lot of people get an ego when they start seeing some success and quickly forget the people who helped them get there. Secondly, makes content that genuinely fires you up. Everyone can see right through people doing something just for the money, and that doesn’t look good.

What holds so many people back from taking their personal brand seriously?

The fear of judgement from others. They are worried what their aunt or middle school crush will say when they see their posts. It worries me that people will let their middle school crush hold them back from reaching their full potential when in reality, they really don’t care about what you do.

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