Nobody bothers about minor hits, falls, and injuries. But is it okay to ignore these injuries and just carry out your daily routine? Well, you should be cautious of even minor falls as they can lead to nerve damage or nervous weakness that can be a serious problem in the long run. 

The nervous system is a complex system of nerves that connect your body’s organs to the brain for coordination and movements. Once a nerve is damaged, it’s difficult for a person to carry out normal functions. So it’s important to be concerned over injuries and falls in order to save your nerves. Read on to know all about nervous weakness and how to treat it at home and in a neurorehabilitation clinic

1.What is nervous weakness or neuropathy? 

Nervous weakness or neuropathy refers to the partial or complete nerve damage that can lead to nervous illnesses. A nerve can be damaged due to lots of reasons that are discussed below. Some nervous damages are temporary while others are permanent and more problematic. 

For proper diagnosis and treatment, you should know the causes of nervous damage. 

2. Causes of nervous weakness

Nervous weakness can be caused due to many factors that include:

  • Compressed nerve 
  • Damaged nerve 
  • Formation of malignant tumor on a nerve 
  • Inflamed nerves 
  • Hindrance in nerve impulses due to toxins 
  • Stress and anxiety 
  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle 
  • Congenital diseases that affect and damage nerves

3.Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms vary greatly depending upon the cause of nerve damage. Your doctor will carry out various tests including CT SCAN and MRI depending on your symptoms for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

The symptoms might include:

  • Tickling sensation 
  • Numbing of organs 
  • No sense of smell, taste, vision or touch 
  • Stabbing pain 
  • Weak immunity 
  • Tremors 
  • Cognitive problems 
  • Muscle weakness 

4.List of a few nervous disorders 

There are many diseases that can weaken your nervous system. Also, many diseases are caused by weakened nerves. Let’s look at some of the nervous disorders:


Nerve root compression can cause sciatica. A person suffering from sciatica feels stabbing pain. It can be treated by proper medication. You can also follow some home remedies to get rid of sciatica pain. 

6.Parkinson’s disease 

It’s a neuro degenerative disorder that damages certain nerve cells overtime. These nerve cells are permanently lost. At times, Parkinson’s disease makes coordination very difficult. 

7.Diabetic neuropathy

If diabetes is not treated properly or gets worse over time then it can also lead to nerve damage and causes diabetes neuropathy. 

8.Multiple sclerosis 

It’s an autoimmune response that attacks the myelin sheath (sheet that protects nerves) and eats it away. This causes various nervous problems. 


Stroke is caused when the nerves in the brain don’t get enough blood due to the formation of blood clots and less blood circulating in the brain. Stroke can paralyze a person due to severe nervous damage in the brain. 

10.Are nervous disorders curable? 

Yes. Temporary nervous weakness is curable with proper medicine and treatment. But if the nerve gets damaged permanently then it can’t be cured. Rather, it can be treated to make it less difficult and painful. 

So, if you experience any symptoms related to nervous weakness then it’s better to consult a doctor without any delay. Early diagnosis and treatment is always better as you can control it from getting worse. 

11.Ways to treat nervous system problems 

12.Consult your doctor 

First thing’s first. Consult a doctor in case you feel any signs and symptoms of neuropathy. The doctor will thoroughly check you and probably ask to do a few tests. After diagnosis, you will be prescribed medication and therapies accordingly. 

Other than doctor’s advice, you can help yourself by following remedies that will surely help to ease your illness. 

13.Massage therapy

Ayurvedic oil massage is a well-known home remedy to rejuvenate your body and mind. It relaxes your muscles and nerves. It also helps with the pain. You should ask your doctor before making Ayurvedic massage your daily ritual. 

You can use almond oil or sesame oil. It’s better to warm the oil and then massage your body or ask a professional to do it. After massage, you can take a bath after half an hour. 

14.Epsom salt 

Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and inflammation of muscles. Epson contains magnesium, so it can also help in nervous weakness. This is because magnesium plays an important role in nerve impulses and neuromuscular coordination. 

What you have to do is take one cup of epsom salt and add it to your bathtub. Soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. You will feel very relaxed and your pain will be relieved, in case you had any. You can try bathing with epsom salt thrice a week. 


Sunlight is a great source to produce Vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in proper functioning of the nervous system. So you can expose yourself to early morning sun rays to allow your body to make vitamin D. Also, sun rays keep you warm and this warmth relieves pain and inflammation. 

It’s important to avoid sunlight in the daytime and afternoon because it can do more harm than good. 

16.Water therapy 

Water relieves pain and inflammation. You can take a bath with warm and cold water alternatively. This will help in pain and nervous weakness. Be sure to use cold water at the end. 

You can also use sponges of hot and cold water. First, rub the hot water sponge all over the body and then cold water sponge. You can try this every other day to relax and relieve your nervous system problem. 

17.Laser pain therapy 

Another modern, effective, and scientifically backed method to relieve nervous weakness and pain is laser pain therapy. You should consult a professional to do this job. A laser beam is directed on the area that’s affected for some time. This beam relieves pain and inflammation, as well as improves blood circulation. You should choose an advanced laser clinic to get proper guidance and desired results. 


The nervous system is a complex and vital system that helps you to move, coordinate, and interact with the world. Nerves can get damaged due to injuries and falls. This nervous weakness can lead to severe nervous problems. So you have to be very cautious and consult your doctor in a professional neurorehabilitation clinic. You can also practice other remedies to treat nervous disorders, mentioned above, to help cope with the nervous weakness. 

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