Here are generally the new critters you can discover around your island this month in the Nintendo Switch life sim.

February is formally here, which implies some new bugs, fish, and ocean animals are showing up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Just like the case in January, players with Northern Hemisphere islands will discover not many new critters this month, however those with Southern Hemisphere islands will have the option to get a few new insects and fish.

You can see all the new fish, bugs, and ocean animals that are accessible in February below. Make certain to likewise look at our devoted fish manage, bug guide, and ocean animals control for additional subtleties on all the critters in the game just as tips to help you get them and complete your assortments.

Since February is in progress, a couple of new seasonal things are accessible in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including a couple for Valentine’s Day. Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters are likewise selling special furniture and garments right now for the Festivale occasion, which was added as a feature of the game’s free January update.

That occasion falls on February 15 and is facilitated by Pave, the dancing peacock. Animal Crossing’s next large update is scheduled for March and will add some Mario-themed furniture.

February Fish, Bugs, And Sea Creatures In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Northern Hemisphere


No new fish are showing up in Northern Hemisphere islands this month, however a couple are disappearing soon. The bitterling, football fish, ocean butterfly, stringfish, and sturgeon are largely leaving the game in March, so you’ll need to utilize this opportunity to get them while they’re as yet accessible.


New February BugsPriceLocationTime
Tiger Beetle1,500On the groundAll day

Just one new bug is showing up in Northern Hemisphere islands this month: the returning Tiger Beetle, which will be accessible through October. To the extent bugs go, it’s modestly important: you can sell it for 1,500 ringers at Nook’s Cranny.

Ocean Creatures

Similar to the case with fish, no new ocean animals are seeming this month in Northern Hemisphere islands.

Southern Hemisphere


New February FishPriceLocation / SizeTime
Moray Eel2,000Sea / NarrowAll day
Ray3,000Sea / 54 AM – 9 PM
Soft-shelled Turtle3,750River / 44 PM – 9 AM

Just three new “fish” (of sorts) are seeming this month in Southern Hemisphere islands, and they’re all worth a nice chunk of change. The moray eel and ray can both be found in the sea, while the soft-shelled turtle can be fished up out of the river.


New February BugsPriceLocationTime
Rice Grasshopper160On the ground8 AM – 7 PM
Walker Cicada400On trees8 AM – 4 PM

Two new bugs are accessible this month: the rice grasshopper and the walker cicada. Both, be that as it may, are just worth two or three hundred bells, so they’re not really worth getting except if you’ve yet to give them to your museum.

Ocean Creatures

New February Sea CreaturesPriceTime
Flatworm7004 PM – 9 AM

Just a single new ocean animal is showing up around Southern Hemisphere islands in February: the flatworm. It’s just worth 700 bells, so there isn’t a lot of motivating force to search it out except if you’re hoping to finish your collection. Similarly as with other ocean animals, you’ll need to have a wetsuit to go diving for the flatworm.

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