Xiaomi recently held a Redmi 13 5G smartphone launch event in India. The company unveiled a number of new items in addition to the smartphone, such as the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner X10, Redmi Buds 5C, and new power banks. The Vacuum Cleaner X10 has been around for a while, but it is new in India.

Specifications of the Xiaomi X10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With a 4000Pa suction and LDS laser navigation, this robot vacuum offers high-performance cleaning for effective home cleaning.

The Automatic Cleaning Station, equipped with a 2.5L disposable bag that can be used for 60 cleaning sessions and a 17000Pa suction for dustbin emptying, is the most notable feature.

The X10 is a vacuum and mop that has an adjustable water flow and a 200ml water tank that can be used for up to 80 minutes of mopping. With its 5200mAh battery, it can clean up to 2500 square feet for 180 minutes.

Obstacle avoidance, hands-free dust disposal, and customized cleaning schedules through the Xiaomi Home app are examples of smart features. TÜV Rheinland certification and data protection protocols put security first.

Cost and accessibility

Starting on July 15th, the X10’s price is reduced from Rs. 34,999 to Rs. 29,999 thanks to an introductory deal. Both online and at Xiaomi retail locations, it will be accessible.

The Robot Vacuum S20, which has a central roller brush, a side brush for edges, and a strong 5,000Pa suction in three settings, has been presented by Xiaomi to the global market. It features a 270 ml water tank and a 400 ml dustbin for infrequent maintenance. It maps regions precisely and steers clear of obstructions thanks to its integrated sensors and LDS laser navigation system. Voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, or the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, can be used by users to control it.

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