Inside Out 2, a Pixar film, broke records at the box office this past weekend, earning an estimated $295 million (£232.6 million) worldwide. That makes it the greatest animated film’s ever worldwide premiere.

Approximately $155 million worth of tickets were sold in North America, overtaking Dune: Part Two as the highest grossing opening weekend of the year.

It’s a major victory for theaters, which have had dismal box office receipts for a few new releases this year.

Compared to the first weekend of the original Inside Out, which made $90 million and went on to total $858 million worldwide, Inside Out 2’s opening weekend performed far better.

Just after The Incredibles 2’s 2018 release, it was the company’s second-best North American opening. After somewhat lackluster premieres for some of its most recent films, Pixar is feeling better thanks to the spectacular first weekend.

The first sequel to the 2015 Oscar-winning hit film Inside Out centers on the feelings of a young Riley.

The most recent installment addresses topics like envy and anxiety, whereas the first installment focused on emotions like joy, fear, and rage. The box office success of Inside Out 2 is a welcome diversion from the poor summer start the studios have had thus far.

A significant portion of the yearly ticket sales typically occur between the first weekend of May and the beginning of September.

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