Playing the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is never a sure thing. A little while, you purchase as high as 120 bells a piece from Daisy, just to offer them to the Nook Boys on Saturday evening for a measly 60 bells a pop.

Different weeks, players can make serious bank by selling at high costs, however by opening up their island to guests. Nonetheless, on account of an association among Nintendo and Ally Bank, that cash is ensured to shake your ACNH world.

Ally Bank and Nintendo set up a supported island with a set, ensured cost of 1,000 bells for every turnip. Clearly, since it’s Sunday, the Nook’s Cranny there isn’t accepting turnips, however it very well may be gotten to through Turnip Exchange between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM Eastern on non-weekend days and 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM Eastern on ends of the week until November 6.

In any case, the turnip costs are just legitimate until this coming Tuesday, October 27. We trust you’ve discovered Daisy and loaded up on turnips this week.

With long line depths, it appears to be that not every person will have the option to get in on the fun, however ideally each and every individual who needs to will have the option to get in eventually.

In the event that you simply need to look at the island, possibly it’ll be simpler to get in once the 1,000 chime turnip installments quit moving on Tuesday.

Fortunately, Ally Island has more going on than simply high turnip payouts, and no one needs to stand by in a line to see the island. To arrive now, for example, just put on some PJs and set down for a rest.

As a major aspect of the August update, an ungulate named Luna will interface players to dream islands. The best way to get to a particular island is with a Dream Code.

Ally Island is open with Dream Code DA-9350-9609-6289 as posted on Since getting to a Dream Island requires void pockets, it is highly unlikely to take turnips there to sell aside from by flying.

Ally has set up a series of themed lounges, a race track, furnished beaches, and a plot full with packs of 99,000 bells. Unfortunately, stuffing our pockets with free cash in our fantasies didn’t bring about a fistful of bells in our pockets when we woke up.

To truly get in on the activity, you’ll have to get that day’s Dodo Code from the Turnip Exchange by bouncing into the line, much the same as some other island.

In the event that the line profundities are simply too long to even think about getting to the island to sell turnips, don’t worry. There are still a lot of approaches to make some quick keep money with turnips.

Look at our manual for the Stalk Market, as those tips are evergreen and don’t change with the seasons. At that point you’re allowed to go for a pleasant comfortable walk without all the interferences, if just in your dreams.

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