International Literacy Day 2020: September 8 marks the celebration of International Literacy Day and the current year’s subject spotlights on the ‘Literacy teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.’

At the fourteenth meeting of UNESCO’s overall conference in 1966, the first ever International Literacy Day was announced and from that point forward it has been celebrated every year on September 8, with an end goal to feature the importance of proficiency to people and communities around the world.

As per late agreement, around 775 million grown-ups come up short on the base education that is needed to be educated and of those, 60.7 million kids are out of school or are uncommon participants.

As per the UNESCO’s ‘Worldwide Monitoring Report on Education for All’ (2006), South Asia has the most reduced provincial adult literacy rate, at 58.6% and the foundations for this illiteracy range from serious destitution and the preference against ladies.

This day is celebrated with an end goal to battle these issues and to give quality education to all. Through the course of the years, the United Nations (UN) has given this day unique subjects keeping in accordance with the current condition.

Extending from ‘Literacy and Health’, ‘Literacy and Epidemics’, which focused on transmittable diseases, for example, HIV, to ‘Literacy and Empowerment’ and ‘Literacy and Peace’ a couple of years after the fact. For the year 2020, the subject has been kept in accordance with the danger of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, and it centers around “Literacy teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.”

It might appear to be excess at this point, however the coronavirus pandemic has upset the best possible progression of our general public overall. For youngsters fundamentally, their education has been seriously disturbed as larger part of the school far and wide have been shut since the beginning of the pandemic.

As per the World Literacy Foundation, established in 2003, in excess of 190 nations shut their school which influenced the education of around 1.27 billion kids and youth.

The current year’s celebration is going to reveal insight into “the role of educators and changing pedagogies.” It considers literacy from the viewpoint of a long lasting encounter and consequently its significance for the young promotion grown-ups.

“During COVID-19, in many countries, adult literacy programmes were absent in the initial education response plans, so most adult literacy programmes that did exist were suspended, with just a few courses continuing virtually, through TV and radio, or in open air spaces.”

Most classes and lectures are being directed on the web and however that has any kind of effect, the subject of what’s in store regarding the process of education in obscure.

For the celebration of International Literacy Day, the UN are sorting out online workshops and talks that go over these appropriate inquiries. There will be two meetings held, one about the ‘Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 emergency and past: the role of teachers and changing instructional methods’ and another on ‘The Laureates of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2020’.

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