During the third Saturday in September, International Red Panda Day devotes a day to finding out about red pandas. Join the mission to bring issues to light about saving their habitats.

Red pandas are a lot littler than the more natural highly contrasting pandas. Indeed, red pandas are not identified with giant pandas at all. Red pandas weigh between 12 to 20 pounds, which is about the size of a housecat.

These adorable mammals live in the trees of the Himalaya Mountains. The Red panda’s popularity in Asia highlights them in kid’s shows and as group mascots.

Nonetheless, just around 10,000 red pandas live in nature. On account of deforestation, poaching, and the unlawful pet exchange, red pandas are endangered.

Here are some fun facts about red pandas:

  • Their fur is the shade of cinnamon and keeps them warm in cool atmospheres.
  • Red pandas eat generally bamboo.
  • They were found in 1825, preceding the giant panda.
  • Different names for the red panda incorporate bear-cat, firefox, and Himalayan raccoon.
  • Despite the fact that they look like raccoons, they have no living family members.

As indicated by the Red Panda Network, red pandas represent of life. Red pandas help to keep forests healthy, the water clean, and the environment vibrant.

Saving the red panda helps battle worldwide environmental change just as ensure the biological respectability of South Asia.

HOW TO OBSERVE International Red Panda Day

Numerous protection associations, alongside schools and zoos all around the globe, observe International Red Panda Day. A few zoos celebrate by having enlightening introductions about red pandas.

In China, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding visits schools in provincial territories where red pandas live. In Nepal, people group celebrate with discourse rivalries and film viewings.

Numerous different associations have exercises that instruct general society on the significance of red panda preservation.

In the event that you need to participate in International Red Panda Day, check with your nearby zoo to check whether they have any activities.

Give to the Red Panda Network or another group that endeavors to secure the red panda.

Urge your youngster to turn into a Red Panda Ranger to help spread the word about red pandas. You can likewise share a picture of a red panda via social media with #InternationalRedPandaDay.


The Red Panda Network launched International Red Panda Day in 2010. Around then, 16 schools and a couple of zoos partook in red panda activities.

Presently, in excess of 60 zoos around the globe take an interest, with more than 100,000 visitors on Red Panda Day.

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