Two versions of the Boult CruiseCam X1 series dashcam were introduced in India on Tuesday, June 20. The devices are equipped with features like a 360-degree rotating design, a 1080p camera, and GPS logging capabilities. Just one month after releasing its first-ever home audio device, Boult is making its debut in the automotive industry with the launch of the CruiseCam X1 series. The new dashcam, according to the business, has the potential to “revolutionize the way drivers monitor and record their journeys.”

Cost of the Boult CruiseCam X1 series in India:

There are two versions of the Boult CruiseCam X1 series: CruiseCam X1 and X1 GPS. In India, the starting price of the CruiseCam X1 is Rs. 2,999, while the CruiseCam X1 GPS is Rs. 3,999. Starting today, Amazon, Flipkart, and the official Boult website will be selling dashcams.

Specifications for the Boult CruiseCam X1 series:

The 2-megapixel camera on the Boult CruiseCam X1 series can record video in 1080p full-HD definition. Additionally, it has a 170-degree ultra wide-angle lens that covers more of the road in an effort to decrease blind spots. With the GPS logging capability on the X1 GPS dashcam model, the driver may monitor the speed and location of the car.

Additionally, customers can utilize the dashcam’s built-in Wi-Fi to link it to their smartphones. It can be used in combination with the Boult Cruise app, which is offered on the App Store and Google Play Store. Together with Wi-Fi direct capabilities, it enables trip monitoring, provides instant access to recordings, and has an organized gallery for reading recorded material and live-streaming from inside the car.

According to Boult, the CruiseCam X1 series boasts a 360-degree rotating design that lets the driver customize the camera angle to their liking. The device is equipped with an integrated G-sensor that facilitates automatic collision detection and emergency video recording. The chassis of the dashcam is made of aluminum for durability.

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