The young entrepreneur shares some of the best practices on Instagram for increasing sales for brands.

The quick rise from the use of editorial content to the use of more visual content is something social media marketers, businesses and everyone in this world have noticed, especially from the past few years. This change in the trend had to happen, looking at the speed at which the social media and the online world as a whole has been evolving each passing year. Jose Arias, from New York, is a leading social media marketing guy who has seen the trend of people choosing Instagram advertising over everything else because lately Instagram has proved itself as an online platform that has acquired great importance by giving incredible opportunities for brands and businesses to grow.

Arias wants to share a few of the best practices on Instagram; he learnt through his journey so far, to help brands and businesses to increase their sales.

  • Post high-quality content: Posting only pleasant pictures won’t do the work for you. Audiences seek content that motivates them, excites and interests them. The use of content, captions, emojis, pictures and videos must be of the highest quality so that it engages the customers for the longest time possible, suggests Arias.
  • Give appealing stories: Arias believes that if your content does not show the point, you are trying to make through your brand or lacks in appealing the audience through the brand message, it is an opportunity wasted. Hence, make your content appealing and attractive by impressing the audience through the power of enthralling stories.
  • Know your audience: This is one of the most basic things for marketers and businesses to know; however, for some, this might be the toughest thing to crack. Businesses must know who their audience is, to create a social media marketing strategy that caters entirely to them, explains Arias. This is to captivate a set of audience who are really interested in your brand and your offerings so that ultimately they purchase from you.
  • Show the brand’s personality by being constant: Great brands are those who keep their voice constant in all their contents throughout, believes Arias. He says to increase sales of the businesses, having a constant voice, stands as one of the best practices on Instagram. Through the content, brands must show their personality and communicate the same to the audience with the brand’s voice that must be unique and constant always.

Arias has been a part of the social media marketing world since the time he was a teenager. At 25, he stands strong as a full-fledged social media marketing professional who has changed the face of many brands and businesses for the better with his trendy and distinctive marketing strategies. Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. Along with this, he is much ahead as a creator as well on Instagram with his trending meme pages like @dawg and @investments. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

Canada based, Romy Johnson, is an Indian Educationist, Businessman and Entrepreneur who interviewed Jose Arias from New York, who is one of the best social media marketers and influencers. Romy owns and works as the CEO of the companies named Fames Media, Cool Gurus, Xaare and British India Academy. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.

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