We have heard people saying that Art and Science oppose each other. This young Music Artist is changing people’s mind with his brilliant talent and vocals that are being played on loop in every house and in every car with full volume and is being played on every device.

“Pindi Aye” which was meant to be a track for people of Rawalpindi, Pakistan who are commonly known as Pindi boys/Pindi girls won hearts in the mainstream and overseas. Hania Amir, Osman Khalid Butt and a lot of other music artists tweeted about this viral hit.

The fame of the track which is viral because of the catchy hook done by Khawar Malik, is not just limited to local fame. This track has been playing overseas with people from India, Sweden, US, UK and many other countries are creating reaction videos for this track.

Khawar, uploaded a video on his Instagram account sent by a fan who’s dancing on this track from overseas also got viral and got much appreciation and fame.


The artist, later after this track posted a photo wearing a stethoscope in one of his Instagram Photos and the caption revealed, Khawar is a real life MEDICAL DOCTOR !

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