As a gamer; playing the Real Heroes Firefighter is one of the real life and a unique perspective at its best. It is a game that is first person action. It thrusts the players in to emergencies that firefighters face every day. It was back in 2009, when original Real Heroes: Firefighter was released for Nintendo Wii. It was re-released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS while in 2017 a re-mastered version PC was released. The Nintendo Switch is now getting the updated game graphics. However it will have same game mechanics as well as same plot line.

Learn the Tools of the Trade And Face Real Life Situations – Real Heroes: Firefighter, Remastered And Coming To Nintendo Switch, by having a look at its video trailer.

This game gives real life point of view of a fire fighter. They will be performing the actions that are done by the real life heroes. This includes recusing the axe and saw, a firehose, and hydraulic spreader. As soon as the players learn how to successfully play and safeguard the ones in need and extinguishing the blazes, they will be sent to the field.

The players are expected to perform the tasks during the fire ultimately extinguishing the fire and save the day. It is like closing main vales, sealing vats in the building, and searching for the people trapped in the building.

The mechanics of the game are simple. It is one of the games that are first person based. The player makes use of the variety of the tools to perform the tasks during emergency. The players will be guided through the missions during the fire as they communicate with the fire chief.

To blast the firehouse there is a cursor to aim it. Axe symbol pops up whenever the gamer or the player aims the cursor at something that can be broken down, such as a window.

The user interface is pretty much simple too. The objective of the mission will pop up at the top left corner of your screen. In the top right corner there is a detailed map of the area. The cursor is always in the middle while the dialogue box is at the bottom.

The behavior of fire is Al-based. This means that it will be sporadic. The fire fighters will not be able to calculate the timing. It makes it even more dangerous just it is in the real life scenario. The gamer will be playing through career mode. It features more than nine levels with different maps.

The game i.e. Real Heroes: Firefighter is scheduled to be released on 27th November for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers will be able to save $10 in case they pre-order it from the Nintendo eshop. The price of the game is only $4.99. It is offered with almost 25 gold points. So, if you have always liked the first person games then this game will meet all your expectations.   

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