LG has partnered with Swedish maker Assa Abloy Entrance Systems to create automatic sliding doors with worked in transparent OLED shows, the company reported today.

The entryways will be focused on businesses, and LG says they’ll have the option to welcome clients, speak with representatives, or show advertisements.

LG has been showing off its transparent displays for a brief period now, and it unveiled a scope of transparent signage early a year ago. Presently, we’re seeing the panels utilized in reality.

In August, LG declared that its displays were being utilized in the windows of subway carriages in Beijing and Shenzhen in China, and OLED-Info reports that both Panasonic and Xiaomi’s transparent OLED TVs use LG boards.

South Korea’s other significant showcase maker, Samsung, has additionally tried different things with transparent OLED displays before, however The Korea Herald announced in 2016 that it had stopped creation of the technology.

LG’s declaration doesn’t give a lot of a sign of when these very good quality entryways may open up for businesses. However, considering the transparent OLED innovation has begun being sent, they can’t be excessively far away from decorating the world’s most decadent shopping centers.

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