Universal Studios Japan held a media-just opening function today for its new Mario Cafe and Store, which will be available to the public from October 16. IGN Japan was available to share the following video and photographs. Let’s-a go!

The cafe is decorated with charming Mario themes, for example, Warp Pipes, Question Blocks and Piranha Plants, and serves two distinctive cream-filled pancake sandwiches – a red Mario cap topped with strawberries, and a green Luigi cap topped with grapes.

The beverages menu incorporates sodas themed around Mario, Luigi and Peach, with mustaches or a crown joined to the straw for Instagram photograph tomfoolery. A reusable Super Mushroom cup with strap and straw is additionally accessible to purchase.

The store is stuffed with handfuls and many restrictive product things themed around the three characters – everything from dress to jewelry to water containers to souvenir snacks.

A significant part of the product is decorated with the expression “Whose cap?” or “Whose crown?”, with themes dependent on Mario, Luigi and Peach’s caps, mustaches, crown and outline. Unusually, their appearances are not highlighted anyplace.

The cafe and store were initially planned as a feature of the Super Nintendo World region that was scheduled to open this mid year, however has been pushed back to spring 2021 due to covid-19 countermeasures.

An agent of Universal Studios Japan said that the product in the store will be restrictive to that area, with various product accessible when the full Super Nintendo World at last opens one year from now.

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