The M1 Pro is primarily intended for mobile workers that are digital nomads and want additional screen real estate. It is made up of two separate screens, each with a diagonal measurement of 16 inches and a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200. Based on the application, this ought to lead to a notable boost in productivity. A hinge connecting the two separate screens should enable adjustable positioning. This allows the two screens to be arranged horizontally; a support then holds the bottom screen in place. It is also possible to position vertically, which has advantages while working with text documents, for example. This feature, known as pivot mode, is also available on conventional monitors.

In addition to displaying visuals, the lower screen also handles touch inputs. Mini-HDMI or USB-C connections are used to send image signals to the screens; however, a USB cable is needed for power, at least when utilizing an HDMI connection. The installation of two loudspeakers allows for stereo sound to be produced without the use of an external sound system. The two monitors were intended for general usage rather than video gaming because they are not very powerful, only offering a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The contrast ratio is 1,200:1, and the maximum brightness is 250 cd/m².

The cost of the M1 Pro is $369.99. Free shipping is offered to US consumers. The cost will probably include import duties, but the shipping business handling customs clearance might additionally charge a flat fee.

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