Summer is about chilled shakes and juices. Accessibility of an assortment of natural products in the market permits us to explore different avenues regarding the beverages.

From the reviving taste of watermelon juice or the extravagance of blueberry smoothie, there are such huge numbers of alternatives to browse. The cool refreshments assist you with beating the warmth as well as incredibly nutritious.

Be that as it may, out of the considerable number of choices accessible, Mango and Banana shake remain the most loved drinks of individuals. Both are very rich, delightful, healthy and filling.

They are very gainful for you and may even assistance in shedding kilos. They are stacked with fiber and can keep your full longer timeframe. However, before that, you have to know what number of calories they contain.


Mango, otherwise called the king of fruits, is a famous summer fruit. Stacked with the advantages of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium and folate, the yellow fruit is very well known far and wide.

165-gram of cut mango contains

99 calories

1.4 g of protein

0.6g of fat

24.7 g of starch

22.5 g of sugar

Advantages of Mangoes

Mangoes contain cancer prevention agent and immunity-boosting supplements, which shields your cells from free extreme harm and keep you healthy. A 2014 Japanese investigation proposes that eating mangoes may lessen the danger of colon disease. Aside from this, the yellow natural product is useful for your heart health, skin and hair condition.


The evergreen fruit, bananas are a wellspring of fiber, potassium, nutrient B6, nutrient C, cell reinforcements and phytonutrients. It is devoured in both the structures crude and ready.

In addition, in certain pieces of India, the strip of banana is likewise used to get ready various dishes.

100 grams of cut banana contains

89 calories

1.1 g Protein

22.8 g Carbs

12.2 g Sugar

2.6 g Fiber

Advantages of Banana

Banana is viewed as astounding fruit when managing Diarrohea or blockage. It contains fiber, which can help in simple section of stool. It is even gainful for your gut microscopic organisms.

Banana is additionally high in potassium content, a mineral which advances heart health and standard circulatory strain.

Mango versus Banana shake: The calorie content

A normal glass of unsweetened mango shake contains 170 calories and with sugar, the carbohydrate level reaches up to 250.

Be that as it may, a standard glass of unsweetened banana shake contains just 150 calories and with sugar, it is 220.

Both the fruits are normally sweet. So regardless of whether you even avoid the sugar, it will in any case taste great. Both are incredibly healthy and nutritious foods grown from the ground be a piece of your eating routine.

The most effective method to make it increasingly healthy

To make your shake progressively healthy here are the couple of things that you can do:

Set up your shake at home

Utilize just skimmed milk for it

Avoid refined sugar (You may include a teaspoon of maple syrup or nectar)

Sprinkle a few nuts and seeds on it

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