UNITED AGAINST BULLIES is the destination for any kids who are getting bullied.

Started around 6 years back, this organization has grown leaps and bounds.
Manu Dhaumya is the face behind this social campaign which has won many awards for the work they have done for the community.

Manu wanted children to recognise when they were getting bullied so they can stand upto the bullies.

Manu is the sponsor of many sports teams including the Shinfield Cricket Club and the under 8s Shinfield Rangers girls football team. He has organized many sports charity events including badminton, cricket and football tournaments to get the whole community together.

He is also organizing a Reading Art Festival which is only online due to Corona as the whole community is under lockdown. Another way to inspire and get the whole community together.

Social media is also playing a vital role in his campaign against the bullies as well. With a massive fan following of around 10,000 people and growing, his influence through social media is getting bigger and it’s good for this cause.

Hopefully, through people like Manu, we can eradicate this epidemic forever.

To get in touch with Manu Dhaumya, please follow the links.




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