Dalip Celbeqiri is the founder and CEO of DIY Simple, a video content digital agency that partners with clients to increase their engagement and connections.

For him, Entrepreneurship is not a product of multitasking. It is the art of focusing on individual tasks at a time. Working in a task with focus, complete it, and then move on to the next. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who have it all under control and Dalip Celbeqiri is one of the few who set the bar really high. The serial entrepreneur from Durres, Albania has launched multiple Brands and is a highly sought-after digital marketing & Social Video Expert. His work has appeared in multiple  major local and international publications. The 24 year old has laid the foundation for building a global business empire.

Dalip has truly taken the internet by storm. The success Dalip achieved as a 24 years old  serves as an inspiration for many to think big and follow their dreams.

Dalip Celbeqiri can be reached on Facebook and Instagram

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