Arabian Wildlife Culture is rich and old. From Falcon safaris to Camel rides these places are beautiful when you talk about desert safaris. Not only that, there is a new trend started in Dubai private Zoos. Yes, from Dubai from the prince, many big names set high standards and keep exotic animals at their places. It’s like a rich trend going on in Dubai. Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of Dubai has the most exotic animals at his private Zoo.

From imported flowers and exotic animals like White Tigers, Albino Owls, Albino Leopard Cat, Komodo Dragon, Ring-Tailed Lemur, and many more are gaining lots of attraction in Dubai.

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of the Dubai Police comes in that top list of animal lovers. You can learn a lot from him. This hobby is not an easy one. You have to take care of many things, and it also becomes never-ending work for people who are developing such a place in a place like Dubai.

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad is also now becoming a popular personality due to his work and Zoo. Many top names visit his place from India to America. Many big names from different parts of the world visit his Zoo and enjoy the wildest animals.

Many think Dubai doesn’t have a wildlife heritage well. If you, too, think like that, then you are absolutely wrong. Many popular names like Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad are passionate about animals and creating their own Dubai area.

So if you want to have some good time in Dubai other than desert safari and all, Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad’s Zoo can be a perfect place for a family picnic, especially for animal lovers.

So do visit this fantastic man’s Zoo. When you visit Dubai to know more about it you can connect on IG too. He is sharing all the pictures of people visiting his place.

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