Isaac Bradley is a renowned actor and producer in the world of entertainment. Isaac was brought up in Southern California. Growing up he attended college and at the same time studied acting. Right after his graduation he studied acting for 3 years at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

Isaac has always regarded Don B. Welch as his mentor. Don B. Welch has helped him a lot in his career. His love for his music, art, family and friends has always been a motivation to him. With help of Don B. Welch, he has had the opportunity to act in many of his stage plays.  Don B. Welch has also directed Isaac’s music video title “Ocean Blue”. 

“Even if you’re seeking justice and want to prove your critics wrong it comes from a love for whatever it is that you’re fighting for,” says Isaac

As an artist, he is a type of person who is very critical which he believes to be his weakness and strength at the same time. As a person Isaac tends to be a chill and low-key person, he also has a very extroverted side of himself According to him, he loves music and action but the industry is quite tough and is difficult business-wise. He said people need the strength to face rejection again and again as a newcomer.

On asking Isaac how he handles a difficult situation he said “I always focus on God and what I can control. In life, you can’t control other people or things you can only control yourself. I’ve realized over time that once I focus on what I can control I become more powerful. In terms of conflict, I try to de-escalate any situation however, I believe that being fearless is ultimately the key. Human beings respect you more when you are fearless and not afraid to confront them.”

In his career, he has reached several milestones. Currently, he is producing a film for Don B. Welch titled “BABYGIRL”, which is about child sex trafficking from the perspective of a young African American girl. Other than being an actor and producer, Isaac loves Football, Hiking and basketball. He also enjoys reading books on history, self-help and watching documentaries as well. He meditates and prays every day as a spiritual practice.

There is a lot more we can expect from Isaac Bradley in the future. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases both as a musician and actor.