“My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — every day I’m learning something new.” -Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group

Yemi Oniya Jr, founder and head of online growth at YO Digital Agency, which is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in online growth for businesses and works out of both the US and the UK. Yemi is an expert at helping his clients establish an online presence as a small or local
business. He has worked with fortune 500 companies as well, which speaks to his agency’s credibility and guarantees to be worth your time and money. The agency works mainly with small/local businesses and e-commerce businesses, essentially if you’re a business looking to grow your online presence (which should be every business).

The founder who has also modelled for Under Armour and appeared in Netflix’s House of Cards, says himself ‘we are really good at establishing an online presence for businesses. And by good I mean great.’ Yemi asserts, ‘We know how to grow your business online with digital marketing. That’s it and that’s what we’re good at. We’re not going to try to do accounting or tea socials for you because that’s not what we’re good at.’ His marketing agency YO Digital has built a happy customer base with the utmost service and results regardless of company size.

Apart from being a big personality and beef jerky aficionado, Yemi is great at providing world-class digital marketing services in SEO, IG/FB ads, social media growth, etc. He is also quite an effective sales closer. Yemi came to the US with only £40 to his name and struggled to find his path and identity especially in school. He believes that we should all try to find our purpose in life that ensures we’re living not just existing. Yemi lightly jokes ‘You generally have to go through a lot of pain to find that purpose, just make sure you have enough tissues for the tears you’ll shed haha’. Today, Yemi’s agency is reaching new heights as he emphasizes the importance of having an online presence and expanding it.

To connect with Yemi Oniya Jr please visit @yemioniyajr on Instagram.

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