The pandemic has affected a lot of lives throughout the year. The people who were majorly affected were the poor people who had no food and shelter. Not only human beings but animals were affected as well. Dogs and cats had no food to eat, birds had no water as well.

Even though stepping out of the house was harmful to us Mr. Mehul Rathore did not fear the virus and went on to the streets to help the poor people and animals as well. He served as many poor people as he could. He went into different streets providing food and shawls to people. He poured water in bowls for birds in terrace and threw rice for them. This is how he gave a part of his living to every living being possible.

He is a politician
He is a social activist
He is human rights activist
He is a comedian
He is an event organiser
He is a spiritual speaker
He is a motivational speaker
He is a businessman
He is a model
He is very good at doing debate
He is the inspiration for the youth
And it goes on and on