The passion that exceeded all expectations for Michelangelo Azzariti, establishing himself among the most popular Italian travel influencers.

If you had to present your Instagram profile how would you describe it?

I believe that my profile fully respects my aesthetic and original taste. I make my shots with a professional camera, and for convenience I use my smartphone.

My favorite subjects are the least touristy places of every place I visit. I have a preference for naturalistic landscapes and sunsets with their warm colors. I would like to convey to my followers my aesthetic taste and the beauty that surrounds us, perhaps even in the most unexpected places.

Have you ever expected to reach such important numbers? How did you get started?

Absolutely not; it seems strange but it all started with a photograph taken in the mountains when I was a child. I had a camera with a film, today it is a historical find. From there it was all very natural thanks also to the many trips that I started to do, so I gradually became passionate about photography.

What advice do you have for those who want to approach the world of content creators? My advice is always to focus more on the quality of the posts than on the quantity. An original, beautiful post with particular colors has a greater chance of being remembered and recognized on Instagram. I always try to portray what I like, keeping a personal style. The other advice is definitely to be curious; I started as a self-taught and rather than imitating the shots of others, I always prefer to have a constructive comparison. Experimenting is the only true rule.

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