The present Doodle, illustrated by Spain-based visitor artist Cinta Arribas, celebrates Spanish clown, actor, director, author, singer, and composer Emilio Aragón Bermúdez, known affectionately by his stage name Miliki.

Among his numerous imaginative achievements, Aragón featured in the Spanish youngsters’ program show “El Gran Circo de TVE” (“TVE’s Great Circus”) which is broadly viewed as one of most iconic shows throughout the entire existence of Spanish TV.

Emilio Alberto Aragón Bermúdez was born on this day in 1929 in the town of Carmona in southwestern Spain. The child of a clown and an equestrian acrobatics master, Aragón honed his ability for execution art as a kid encompassed by performers.

Resolved to carry on the family tradition, Aragón dispatched his fooling profession by the age of 11, performing with his siblings at settings like Madrid’s amazing Circo (Price Circus).

The siblings moved to Cuba during the 1940s and achieved fame throughout the next a long time as they displayed their charming talents over the Americas.

They discovered their way back to Spain in 1972 and the following year, they overwhelmed Spanish TV as the hosts of the kids’ show which in the long run got known as “El Gran Circo de TVE.”

Following an hugely successful decade on air, Aragón moved past his way of life as a comedian and all through the rest of career endeavors as a writer, TV moderator, movie producer, and recording musician—an ability which procured him two Latin Grammy Awards.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Miliki!

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