Missouri Artist Brandoshis Is Coming For His Spot Amongst New Artists

Nelly and Akon are the biggest artists to come out of St. Louis or Missouri period. The two top recording have left a legacy in the state of Missouri. Rapper Brandoshis wants to add to the legacy of great rappers out of Missouri. The Jefferson city artist has already done records with Fat Joe and Tech n9ne. Solidifying his name amongst some of the legends in the rap game.

Brandoshis is dropping new music very soon and hopes to great more industry buzz with his next few projects. The Missouri rapper wants to bring the southern Missouri vibe that Nelly and Akon were able to capture and reintroduce it to today’s rap game.

The young artist was featured on XXL and seems to have a great career ahead of him. Definitely be on the lookout for Brandoshis and his upcoming projects.

By Rebecca Reid

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