When you think of influencers, you think of good profile, decent posts on social media platforms like Instagram, who can post trendy things and set their own trends with good taste in fashion. Blogging is the best way to come forward in our 21st century. India started late, but we are up there at the top in influencers lists like the UK, US and other top countries.

Mohit Verma, a new name in social media comes from the heart of India- Delhi is now India’s best fashion Influencer and even best Tech Blogger of Delhi. He is not the film star nor a cricketer then how he became so popular, when it’s simple with his excellent taste and using his words in the digital world with the right effect which is attracting millions online.

Britain, USA and all have produced the best name till now, but it’s time to welcome Indian in the list with a name like Mohit Verma. From fashion to modelling and Photography to Cricket, this young lad is the best in the business.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Mohit Verma (itz_mohit_verma) a fashion, lifestyle, travel blogger and social media influencer. Since he started posting pictures and content on @the_techgram on Instagram and other platforms from 2015-20, Mohit has built a mini-empire of his own.

Today, he is a top Fashion influencer and tech Blogger of Delhi and India. He has millions of followers across several platforms, his own line of merchandise. To gain a name in a different field needs exceptional talent. After he completed B.tech, he joined a totally different area. He took a risk from ordinary life to someone who dared and worked hard on his skills.

Now result you can see as he is gaining lots of fame and bucks to with his profession as a tech blogger and with that fashion influencer and photographer.

Mohit Verma’s life is an excellent story for people who want to grow with social media. Here’s wishing our tech blogger of Delhi, Fashion influencer of Delhi all the best for a bright future and we want to see him setting an example for millions in India.

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