Motivational Speaker Michael Timothy Johnson shares how he discovered and chased his goals to make it big

Motivational Speaker Michael Timothy Johnson shares how he discovered and chased his goals to make it big

For the most part of almost every adult’s life, they are told to follow their dreams. Some do, but most get stuck in a loop of just finding a way to pay bills each month and getting by while feeling miserable and incomplete. The bridge between knowing where their passions lie and how to get there is seldom crossed, but some have managed to crack the secret. Here, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Michael Timothy Johnson talks about how he discovered and chased his goals and how he helps others do the same.

Johnson always knew he wanted to be his own boss, and after quitting his job at the bank he found a career as an entrepreneur. He had learned the art of growing and investing money and soon started his YouTube channel to help others invest in themselves. Today, it has garnered almost 15 million views. He explains, “When people come back to give me positive reviews about how I helped improve their lifestyle, it motivates me to keep going. I help people achieve a life they can be proud of.”

Johnson conducts Skype consultations as well, providing deep insights and niche information about building a strong physique and personality for an all-round development for men. He also has his own merchandise and interacts with millions of his followers actively on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He is known in his field as an influential speaker and is a firm advocate for unleashing one’s full potential. It takes guts to step out from one’s comfort zone and courage to live the kind of life everyone dreams about, but Johnson is living proof that it is all possible with discipline, consistency, and hard work.

His mantra is: stay focused and succeed. He is a spokesperson for the concept of alpha mentality, and has even conducted multiple live streams to talk about his journey. He concludes, “When you achieve your goals, you will be an inspiration to those who follow in your footsteps, you will prove your naysayers wrong, and you will wake up every day doing the work that you are truly passionate about, and that offers true fulfillment.”

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