“POL” Originally by Alireza Ghorbani, a modern deep house remix by Mohammad Reza Sadeghi AKA “DJ Phellix” & Matin Etemadi AKA  “MAT1NE” has changed the way of observing the new age electronic music and oriental divisions of EDM ever since was released and published by “Ariorecords” on July 2020.

The magnificent and hugely positive feedback from the audience proved that the music is not about the race or lyrics as it was singing in the Persian language “Farsi” and proved that souls no matter what ethnicity, will always get connected by the language of music.

The original track composed by Persian composer “Hesam Naseri” and the poetry used in lyrics, was derived out of wonderful well-known poems by famous Persian and poet called “Ahmad Amir Khalili” of which we know memorable worldwide fame and reputation.

using the vocals of one of the traditional singers in a solid traditional style, combining it with the modern structures of EDM and deep house specifically, and using of the historical and magical instrument “Kamancheh” rooted in the land of Persia from centuries ago, shows the real essence of this remix.

The kamancheh is related to the rebab which is the historical ancestor of the kamancheh and the bowed Byzantine Lyra. The strings are played with a variable-tension bow. It is widely used in the classical music of Iran, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan with slight variations in the structure of the instrument.

Mohammad Reza Sadeghi AKA DJ Phellix

Born in Tehran in 1988

DJ and Music Producer started his professional activity in 2016 he released with more than 20 labels in the world (Soave Records, Palm Therapy Sounds, DeepShine Records, DeepStrip Records, Cafe De Anatolia). In 2018, his track Bar Sabze Neshin in the style of Deep House Entered the Buddha Bar album.

Matin Etemadi aka Mat1ne

Born in Tehran in 1999

DJ and Music Producer

He started his professional activity in Iran in 2016. His first work was released on the Harmor Records label from London in 2018 in Progressive House style.

After that, he worked with many labels such as Adrenaline Records, Ario Records, Digital Empire Records from Spain, Peru, and Iran.

In February 2020, the 7th Elements remix of popular Russian singer ‘Vitas’ was released in collaboration with Chilx

also composing and participating in the Iranian got talent (Asre Jadid) from Iran’s national television

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