Globally, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is set for July 10. The Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, Galaxy Watch Ring, Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra, and Galaxy Buds 3 series are anticipated to launch at the event. The next Galaxy Watch from the South Korean tech giant will be equipped with the most recent version of Samsung’s BioActive Sensor, which is intended to provide sophisticated wellness features that are predictive and preventive.

New BioActive sensor coming to the Galaxy Watch Ultra

The BioActive sensor update is expected to improve health metrics and bring wearable technology to new heights. It will come with three significant improvements: improved photodiode performance, more LED colors, and the best possible arrangement of these parts.

Samsung has lowered the required number of photodiodes from eight to four by doubling their efficiency, freeing up more room for a wider range of LEDs. Together with more Green, Red, and Infrared LEDs, the new sensor also has Blue, Yellow, Violet, and Ultraviolet LEDs. By carefully integrating and arranging LEDs and photodiodes, more accurate health insights are made possible.

The impenhancelocation of Green, Red, and Infrared LEDs in the new BioActive Sensor improves accuracy and performance in a number of health indicators, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, heart rate, and sleep quality. Notably, compared to the previous sensor, heart rate measurement during intense workouts is now 30% more precise.

Apart from these enhancements, the varied hues of the LEDs and the modified photodiodes present fresh opportunities for proactive health. The advanced glycation end products (AGEs) index—which is impacted by dietary and lifestyle choices—will be measured by the sensor and serve as a gauge of metabolic health and biological aging. This score is a useful indicator that helps people make decisions about their route to wellness by giving them a glimpse of their biological age.

The new Galaxy Watch Ultra, which will come in 40mm and 44mm size variants, is reportedly going to be Samsung’s most expensive wristwatch. According to leaks, it will have three physical buttons, a titanium frame, a 3nm Exynos chip, a 5,90mAh battery, 32 GB of internal storage, support for Galaxy AI, a One UI-based Wear OS, and 10ATM pressure resistance.

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