Did you know that the resurrection of e-commerce is happening all around us? The future is now. The current social-distancing measures and business closures globally have enhanced the e-commerce industry. With greater consumer confidence and spending habits, it is obvious that online businesses’ futures are bright. It is worth noting that today there are over 2 billion websites, and the number is exponentially increasing every day.

According to statistics, the global retail market was expected to top $25 trillion in 2019. However, growth slowed in the past years and may not pick up through 2023. On the other hand, e-commerce sales topped $3.5 trillion, increasing about 18% from the previous year. E-commerce is expected to double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion. This article shares insights on the future of online business from entrepreneur Nicola Napolitano.

Why An Online Presence Matters

Nicola Napolitano was born and raised with “bread and technology.” He works online, managing the online presence of many influencers and companies. He decided to position himself in the world of e-commerce. On Instagram, Nicola became an inspiration to those who want to be successful and happy. 

But why does one need an online presence? Well, businesses need to have an effective online strategy to grow and increase brand awareness. A digital presence provides your brand with an ideal platform to communicate with consumers. An online presence gives you the chance to set the narrative on who you are as a brand and set yourself apart from your competitors.

An online presence will also:

  • Help your clients/customers find you.
  • Help you reach more people.
  • Help you build a stronger brand.
  • Increase your credibility.

The Future is Now

Nicola is passionate about everything related to an online presence and social media marketing. Behind the scenes, he manages many influencers with millions of followers. Companies then notice this strategy and begin to collaborate by managing the background of all the social networks. However, Nicola is always uncomfortable remaining in the same position, and that is why he always takes up new opportunities in order to grow.

Nicola understands that the future is now. He works with all the dedication, commitment, and passion inside of him to ensure he remains relevant in the market.

Why E-commerce is The Next Big Thing

Nicola established his online e-commerce dropshipping business in 2020. Despite failing several times and being demoralized, he did not give up. He decided to keep trying, testing, and studying from the world’s best to assert his dreams. In March of 2020, he reached 200k in turnover with just one e-commerce store that sells simple presets for photos. From that point on, Nicola did not stop; his students don’t either. Successful consultants and mentors highlight his talent in creating unique strategies for any e-commerce store, especially digital products. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting an online business, the time is now. You can also connect with Nicola on Instagram for more information.

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