It is very good to hear multitasker but it is also good to be successfully multitasking in a lot of different fields and managing to pull off a lot of work in a very short period of time. Ram Goel has done it all. Most of the people like to focus on how much revenue he is generating and how far he has gone with his three established industries but what people do not see is the countless number of sleepless nights that he has undergone, making sure he does not take a break or fall asleep because a lot of work is still left pending. Real success only comes to those hard workers who do not rest and keep moving forward and only take a break when the work is done, not when the Clock strikes 9.

Ram Goel is known for his amazing customer service too! Since he has a lot of work with deals with communication and people on a daily basis, he has a lot of experience too in the way he talks underway he persuades the opposite person. It works like magic for most of them and people find it amazing because they have left marvellous reviews on his restaurant and his hosiery shop. “Whenever people ask me the secret to my success, I only like to tell them that keep moving forward no matter how difficult situations get and you will eventually get there. I would personally like to suggest that one should begin with one particular industry and only move forward when they have established themselves in that, because it gets very hectic to manage all their things at once especially if you are new to business. My aluminium factory runs pretty well and my restaurant is also functioning marvellously com I’ll make sure to personally look overall of these things and also cheque up on a daily basis otherwise I won’t be able to go to sleep without knowing how my shops have done throughout the day. No matter how successful I become, at the back of my head I will always be worrying because I am used to managing my own work. Take my word and cheque up on all your enterprises, it works like magic” says Ram Goel. True to his word, one might find a lot of inspiration from him