Fortel is the construction company that is participating in civil engineering projects for a very long time now. The company was established in the year 1998, and since then it did not look back and only progress towards betterment since that time. Many people are working in the company, they are offering innovative technology for the projects, the types of equipment and materials are all handled by them, and they have a much trained workforce and much more. So, overall, Fortel is booming all the time with all sorts of opportunities which the contractors and construction companies might be looking for at this time and age.

In terms of trade, professional help, and provision of the trained workforce, Fortel is working for many years to provide their services to customers who need them all over the UK. It is probably the biggest construction company that ace into being in the year 1998, and in the shortest time of just 20 years almost, this company has made so many dreams come true. It is not only for themselves but also for people who come and deal with their projects with the company. We appreciate the fact that the whole history of this company is extremely commendable because not a single time they age the chance of complaint to the customers.

Since 2012, Sat Nijjer is the owner of the company Fortel. He is working as the Chief Executive since that time and still owning the company. As the company is the family-owned business, so it was always sure that he is going to join it as the owner at later stages. Under his leadership and the strategies that he is using to grow the company is making a whole lot of difference in the company already. It is expected that the company will grow to almost about 150 million pounds worth towards the end of this year. Well, that is such a great achievement on the part of Fortel owner, Mr. Sat Nijjer.

Well, when we talk about Sat Nijjer as the owner of Fortel, we expect that this owner is very equipped with the knowledge and expertise about running this company. He worked for almost 15 years in different construction companies and then at the end joined this company which his family-owned since day one. Well, all the experience that he had turned out in favor of the company. The innovations and improvements which Sat Nijjer brings in the company are just more than extraordinary and are the main reason behind its growing popularity and worth all over the world.

Since the appointment of Sat Nijjer is done and he started practicing his ways in the company, there is no looking in the whole process of progress and innovation in the company. The efforts are appreciable and dedication is the inspiration for those who are running their new businesses and want to reach some point where they ever dream for in their whole lives.

About Fortel

Fortel, one of the largest agency labour suppliers in the UK has carved out a niche for itself in various industries ranging from rail to power and defence. Since its inception that brand has gone from strength to strength in diverse areas. To keep up with its growth the company has consistently added industry specialists to the original team, which enables it to offer cutting edge services to its clients.

Speaking of the original team, its vision comes from its owner Sat Nijjer, who is also the CEO of the company. Under his leadership the company has made its mark with clients in different areas.

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