He has aced the craft of Environmental Portrait Photography to the core.

Capturing beautiful moments and freezing it for time is the beauty of photography. There have been many exceptional photographers who have won the hearts of millions through their enchanting and mind blowing captures but one name that shines bright amongst the best is that of Gabriel Maia.

How it all started?

This photographer par excellence hails from Brazil, and has today secured his place amongst the topmost photographers ever known in history. He was drawn towards photography at an early age of 17, though he had not started his career, he got hold of the best camera available in those times, an Olympus OM-2 which was known for its advanced features and heavy price tag.

His initial days

He started experimenting his photography skills by capturing football games on the turf and also indulged in shooting nature at its best by visiting places like Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. He captured a thousand pictures, the negatives of which still occupy his studio space.

The years ahead

With the advancement of technology, negatives became a thing of the past, and the whole world transformed to the digital medium, so did this ace photographer. It was time to upgrade to much more technologically advanced shooting gadgets like Canon and Fuji

Photography runs in the blood

Acquainted with the world of photography since their childhood, both of Gabriel’s children, son Bruno and daughter Rosiane were drawn towards the craft. Amongst both the children Rosiane, who is a professional model picked up the nuances of capturing moments through the lenses exceptionally well.

Recognition of work

Gabriel heard about the Vogue Italia created portfolios from some of his students and decided to try his hands on it. The selection criteria of this Elite brand was extremely strict due to which many renowned photographers were not able to secure their place after going through a few initial rounds. Gabriel was confident enough of his work and was sure that it will get recognised if presented in the right way. He along with Rosiane charted a plan and decided to go along with it. Indonesia was chosen as the ideal place to shoot their portfolio for Vogue Italia and as expected his work was selected and even occupies a special space at Vogue Italia and Art plus Commerce. It’s interesting to know that some of the photographs that are on display at the venue are clicked by Rosiane herself.

The father-daughter duo have come up with some exceptional work which has been widely acclaimed and applauded.

To have a glimpse of Gabriels work, follow him on Instagram @rosyimages

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