In particular there remains a steady demand for high end luxury watches. Online watch and jewellery sales is a most successful business in trend nowadays. Likewise other businesses this business also has its own hurdles towards the way to success. Getting a stake in the industry, a watch and jewellery online business has to win the hearts of customers through major factors like providing authentic products, large range of options, making latest models available and providing a range of budgetable options from normal watches to high end luxury watches fulfilling needs of all at once. With all these success factors in mind, Platinum Times Company is digging its foot deep in the online watch business.

Raul, a luxury watch lover since his childhood, developed his likings from his father which further motivated him to come up with his own luxury watch company named Platinum Times Company. Starting its journey in 2010, Raul’s Platinum Times Company developed a strong base through his knowledge and expertise in the industry. Likewise his father, Raul had a decent collection of 30 luxury watches by his college days.

Raul with Platinum Times Company aims at providing luxury high end watches to customers across the world and help them satisfy their love for luxury watches. With a widespread clientele across 20 countries in the world, the next step by Platinum Times Company is expanding to have physical locations in five countries. Platinum Times Company believes in providing remarkable services to its customers with features like expertise advice from Raul or all the team members, express shipping, etc.

Platinum Times Company is nowhere away from the trending social media marketing strategies. With email and apps like Whatsapp and iMessage, as well as other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Platinum Times Company is ready to spread its wings at great speed across the globe. Platinum Times Company is a team of 50 people that is available 24/7 with its expert advice to cater needs of luxury watch lovers above and beyond for its customers.

In the competitive environment spreaded across the globe, Raul’s tremendous efforts and passion for luxury watches are the main reasons for making Platinum Times Comapny stand out across the globe in the luxury watch industry.

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